Sue Kyng


Sue Kyng

Sue Kyng has had a varied career in Show-Business, (stage name Carol Christmas) which started at the tender age of 12. She has worked with a Children’s Show Group, 25 piece Dance Band, 5 piece Progressive Rock Group, Comedy Duo and as a solo Entertainer with her own backing band. During her working experience Sue has found herself in Theatre Plays, Films, Pantomime, Summer Seasons, Concerts, Cabaret, Hotels, Night Clubs and Saloon Work in Hotel Lounge bars in venues such as the Hilton, Ramada, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, and many more. Over the years she has won many accolades with her talents including a British Club land Award two years running.

Through bad health Sue faced a crossroads in her life, which forced her to leave her beloved Show-Business career for a while. Fortunately she recognized a window of opportunity, a time to pursue her dormant passion of writing and a career in teaching. Sue has not left show business altogether. In fact she continues to write music and is associated with two original bands one of which is called ‘Body’ who have a cult following in their own right and she is at present supporting a young band called ‘Rockabilly Beat’; of which her grandson is a member.

Lost In Space and Time is Sue’s first book.

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