Michael J. Ganas

Michael GanasMichael J. Ganas is a licensed professional engineer and the director of a leading marine engineering firm within the U.S. Following a tour of duty in Vietnam as a helicopter crew chief with the 17th Air Cavalry, he earned a degree in civil engineering from Cornell University. Shortly thereafter, his love of the sea prompted him to pursue a career as a deep sea commercial diver, heading a wide array of marine construction projects. This eventually led him into his current occupation, which takes on the challenges of civil engineering in underwater environments.

Michael’s first novel, The Girl Who Rode Dolphins was first published in 2008, and has now been re-published by Glannant Ty in 2015.  The book is the winner of seven book awards, and most recently was a runner-up winner in the Talking Category of the 2015 Animals, Animals, Animals Book Festival and an Honorable Mention Awardee in the Science Fiction Category of the 2015 London Book Festival.

Michael’s new novel, Dolphin Riders, is also now available from Glannant Ty.