Jim Carten

Carten, JimJim Carten has been called by some a renaissance man. Jim’s accomplishments are many and varied. Physically, Jim is average in size and shape. He was notably born with two silver dollar-size circular red patches: one over his heart chakra and one over his sixth chakra between the eyes. Through research Jim found out that these were the marks of a “sensitive”. This was also verified by a Guru from India. Sensitives can feel energies that other cannot.

Born in New York, Jim spent his formative years living in East Harlem; a harsh environment where every day was a fight for survival. After junior high he moved to the Bronx; not as harsh but still dangerous. This environment encouraged him to learn the martial arts. After studying with many masters – including David Carradine – he earned a 2nd Degree Black Belt in mixed martial arts; Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu, and Wing Chun.

Always on his mind were the big questions. Who are we? Where did we come from? What was our purpose? After high school, Jim won a scholarship to Hunter College where he earned a degree in Science; the first in his family to graduate from college. After four years, Jim decided to go for his teaching degree and taught secondary science for seven years.

After teaching, Jim pursued a love of marksmanship, making special wood products for sale, and practiced his marksmanship skills. He won the Penn State Pistol Championship and qualified for the US International Shooting Team where he won a World Pistol Championship in Versailles, France. Later Jim won the Penn State Championship for the 2nd time, and lastly a National Pistol Championship medal, and an East Coast Rifle Championship.

Returning from France, Jim took on a science teaching position at a school for disabled children. Jim loved this experience and retired after almost twenty years. During this time he researched and wrote his first book “Pilgrims and Strangers on the Earth”.

Over the years Jim took the opportunities to study “Kyudo”, the art of the bow with Zen Master Shibata, the bow maker for the Emperor of Japan. He studied at the feet of Lama Gelek Rinpache, the 13th Dali Lama and Qigong Master Kwan Sai-Hung from Central China, and had the good fortune to study Shaolin Kung Fu and Taoist meditation with David Carradine.

Jim continues to practice with success in Medical Qigong and continues his meditation on the world’s books of wisdom deep in the forest, in a log cabin he built years ago. His main focus currently is the assimilation of the Vedas – eighteen volumes of non-sectarian spiritual writings over 5000 years old. His is what would be called a Sadu in Indian culture.

Coming November 2015

Coming November 2015

Jim’s last project was the production as a musician, singer/songwriter on a CD called “One Man’s View”. For a while (eight years) Jim was the Education Director for a Watershed Association as a naturalist. His specialty was Native American Culture and Edible Medicinal plants. He gave lectures and developed an animal therapy program for disabled children. This led to his working full time at the school/hospital as a science teacher where he received an award from the State of New Jersey for the science and nature programs he developed for disabled children.

Jim Carten’s book Pilgrims and Strangers on the Earth is now available in soft cover and eBook formats in the Glannant Ty store.