Irene Allen-Block

Irene Allen-Block

Irene Allen-Block

Irene Allen-Block born and living in the United Kingdom is a remote viewer trained by an organization in London at the height of the Cold War. Irene is a natural psychic with over 40 years in the field and during this time has been helping people with their paranormal problems. She is the Founder of Spirit Rescue International where she and her team help people all around the world. She is a member of the Society for Psychical Research based in London. Irene has appeared on British Television and BBC Radio, also in various newspapers and magazines.

Irene is the author of Among the Spirits and The Psychic Spy which is available in our store. Her latest novel, Demons Dwell: The Tower, which she co-wrote with Mark L. Johnson, is also now available.

On her books, Irene writes:

“I write for different reasons mainly because I like it, and I have stories/real life experiences that I want tell. Another is to leave something of me to my grandchildren and those that come after, sort of my personal story, who their grandmother was and tell them something if only small about who they are. Also to help highlight Spirit Rescue International and bring attention to its cause and all the good work my team do to help people. People that are suffering paranormal terror, people that are suffering psychological problems or financial difficulties to be able to carry on giving them support and guidance. You see Spirit Rescue International works in many areas not only the paranormal. The name for instance Spirit Rescue International does not mean that we only rescue lost souls/spirits. We all have spirit be it if we are alive or dead and there are times when even the living spirit needs rescuing. I write about what I know the world of espionage and the world of the paranormal. Here in the United Kingdom, I am known in my circle as a Spy Writer, which always gives me a chuckle when I hear it. I am at the moment working on the second book in The Psychic Spy series. A Spy in Paris to be released in 2015. My view of life is to live it, experience it and learn from it, which I intend to do.


Irene is the co-founder of Glannant Ty Media and Publishing along with her business partner Mark Johnson. With many projects in the process together they are building the business up to be one of the foremost companies in its field.


Facebook Page: Irene Allen-Block
Twitter: @ireneallenblock
Linked In: Irene Allen-Block


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